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Digital Health Innovation SD Event on TeleHealth
Jun. 10 2016

Digital Health Innovation: TeleHealth Today & Tomorrow

TeleHealth: Today and Tomorrow Event Recap Digital Health Innovation San Diego has continued to grow as we further discussions in the community about some of the most pressing matters in the healthIT sector. To that point, our latest event was focused on TeleHealth and it’s growing impact on the h...
Mar. 22 2016

Digital Health Innovation: Prescribing Technology

Once a quarter, professionals from all over San Diego come together to discuss the ever complex intersection of health and technology at Digital Health Innovation San Diego.  This February, four physicians led a conversation on the challenge of incorporating rapidly evolving technology into thei...
Mar. 18 2016

Maintaining contrib modules using drush qd and PHPStorm

The folks over at Chromatic recently published an informative blog post on using Drush’s core-quick-drupal command.  Their post inspired me to find a way for Achieve developers to incorporate this new tool as they use PHPStorm to efficiently maintain contrib modules .  
Computer Science Major Internship | Drupal Development
Mar. 3 2016

10 Reasons You CS Majors Should Intern at Achieve

We’re proud of our hands-on internship program here at Achieve. Hey, Computer Science Majors! Looking for an internship here in San Diego? If you’re eager to learn and passionate about the web, you’ve come to the right place! Internships are a great way to gain experience and pursue your interests...