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Dec. 1 2014

Learning from Philae

How to Plan, Execute & Succeed in Your Drupal Development Projects
Sep. 19 2014

Custom Drupal Integration Projects [Recording]

How Achieve Handles Custom Drupal Integration Projects
Sep. 17 2014

Communicating Drupal: Documentation and Discovery

I am the Solutions Architect at Achieve Internet. My wife who is a “real” architect scoffs at the fact that I have architect in my title because I didn’t have to go through all of the schooling,certification and processes that she did. I will always contend that there are more similarities between o...
Aug. 29 2014

Communicating Drupal: Discovery and Documentation

Great Projects Begin With Sound Foundations
Aug. 27 2014

Developing A Drupal Engineering Culture of Excellence

I am looking forward to my LA Drupal Camp presentation on the company culture we have been able to create over the years. If you are in the Los Angeles/Irvine area the weekend of September 6th - 7th and are interested in Open Source web technologies and Drupal development stop by the camp at UC Irvi...