Increase User Engagement with Gamification

Why is Gamification Important?

Online communities are a great way for companies to create environments that foster the exchange of important information and ideas, and can be used to inform clients, employees, and customers.  Online communities can be extremely beneficial to companies that utilize them and harness their power.  Yet with all the potential benefits that user engagement has to offer, participation in online communities still tends to be weak and shallow.  In an effort to encourage and reward positive interactions or behaviors companies are turning to the increasingly popular trend of gamification. 

Gamification has been available on Drupal platforms for about two years now, making an already robust CMS even more so.  There are numerous providers of gamification software and platforms, Badgeville happens to be a very popular platform with integrations into Drupal.  The Drupal Achievements module is a great starting point for admins looking to add loyalty and reward points for rewarding specific behaviors of user actions.  Just recently Badgeville released Badgeville Embed to include the company’s game and social mechanics within Drupal applications.  The Achievements module is the free option within the Drupal community, which gives users the option to reward badges and points within their social network.  Gamification on Drupal adds a dimension to websites that allows for increased engagement and interaction while maintaining the customization and user experience expected of a Drupal site.     

Companies are reaping the benefits that come from meaningful user interactions due to the gamification of their online communities.  Users receive points, tokens, achieve milestones, and increase their reputation by interacting and engaging the online community. Online interactions can include reading articles, participating in forums, watching webinars, commenting on product reviews, etc.  These incentives build robust communities that enable users to share information and learn from each other while increasing customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention.  Gamification provides companies a unique opportunity to incentivize action all while giving them easy access to in-depth user behavior and insights, which can increase a company’s bottom line significantly.

With gamification being such a hot topic among Drupal Developers, Achieve is poised to leverage its vast experience in integrating third party platforms with Drupal sites  thereby helping companies greatly increase  user engagement and the customer experience through gamification.  Achieve is well versed in integrating platforms within Drupal to make software, such as Badgeville, work even harder for our clients.  We are currently working with a large Fortune 500 client to integrate a gamification platform with Miscrosoft Sharepoint and Drupal Commons, to increase meaningful use among the online community, provide behavior analytics and data, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Stay tuned for more updates, in our upcoming newsletter, on our gamification efforts and how we can vastly improve your online community and user engagement with your products or services.