Responsive Web Design at SANDCamp 2013

RWD: Why is it Relevent?

SANDCamp 2013 is right around the corner and since it is in our backyard here in San Diego the Achieve Development Team, present company included, are looking forward to hosting some great sessions and interacting with the Southern California Drupal Community.  Back by popular demand, I will be presenting on Responsive Web Design, but with a twist. This session was given in a couple of other camps, including Drupal Camp LA, and BADCamp with positive feedback from each event.

Come and learn why Responsive Web Design is important, why you should care and more importantly how to get it done quickly.

Responsive Web Design is one of the top trends for web development, and should take a permanent place on any new site released in 2013.  It is too simple of a feature to have been overlooked for so long.  Car’s used to not have seatbelts.  Now we look back on that and realize what a glaring oversight automobile engineers made (place hand on forehead and sigh, now).  Responsive Web Design will soon take that same roll.  In a few years we will take it for granted and look at any non-responsive site as if they are dinosaurs.  So don’t get left behind!  Let Achieve show you how to stay ahead of the most recent web development curve.

Whether you pick the easy road (Sky Theme), the harder way (Omega Theme with Context and Delta) or the incredibly hard path (Your own theme from scratch) we will give you information on how to get your website to render correctly on most devices, from the old feature flip phones, to the coolest smart phones and tablets out there.

Sign up for my upcoming session here and check out some of the Responsive Web Designs we have accomplished at Achieve.  Hope to see you next weekend at SANDCamp 2013!