Meet the Developers Part 1: Shawn Smiley

Jan. 31 2013

Shawn Smiley

One of our Lead Architects and Developers here at Achieve, Shawn has become fluent in Drupal development languages starting with Drupal 6 and has been an integral part of the Achieve Team and its success for the past two years.  As a challenge-oriented person Shawn revels in the intricate and complex projects that he has been able to work on at Achieve. 

“The scale of projects here (at Achieve) always requires a unique approach in order to solve them.”      

Shawn has seen web development trends come and go and has mastered all of them along the way.  Cutting his teeth on early web development tools such as CGI/WebDBC Shawn later went on to see the evolution from to ASP/JSP/Cold Fusion, to .Net, and finally to Drupal and PHP.  Shawn has nearly 17 years of programming and Open Source web development experience.   

Shawn Smiley is as experienced as a developer can get.  He has been creating digital properties since “the dawn of the World Wide Web,” as he has said himself.  Once he got out of the Air Force he joined a tech support company and in 1996 that company bought a small web development firm. Shawn volunteered to learn all there was to learn about web development.  As a point of reference, the first website was published in 1991, and the first web browser was not introduced until 1993, so Shawn has been working with this technology since its infancy.

Shawn has lived in San Diego since 2007 by way of Maine where he had lived for 12 years.  Some of Shawn’s most memorable projects were undertaken while he was in Maine.  He developed the State of Maine’s Treasury Automated Management Information (TAMI) System, which was an automated platform that tracked all assets the Treasury Department took in for the year, reconciling it with the e-records from state banks. 

While working at Achieve one of Shawn’s favorite projects was the Hunter Industries website, where he was the Lead Architect.  Shawn and the Achieve team were able to create an architecture and management system for Hunter Industries. He has supported the extension of the Apache SOLR search module with enhanced multilingual and media support by adding custom modules to allow Apache to better search for multilingual and media searches.  Apache SOLR media module is a module that Achieve developed and contributed back to the community.  Shawn also utilized the Globalization ability of Drupal in order to give users information in 7 different languages with the capability to scale up to 24!

Shawn is currently working on a hosting and workflow solution for Amerigroup (NYSE: WLP) by creating a robust, flexible, and extensible infrastructure for handling both its immediate and near-future hosting needs.  Additionally, Shawn along with our all-star development team, will provide systems that allow Amerigroup to comply with its need to manage content deployment in a compliant fashion. 

Although it seems like he is working around the clock, he still finds time to enjoy all the variety and luxuries that San Diego has to offer.  He can be seen around San Diego with his fiancée, bowling (he is pretty good, his highest score is 235), playing tennis, enjoying the beach, or any other local activity that San Diego has to offer.