Harness the Power of Big Data with Company Wide Integration

Achieve Inter-connectedness

The integration of department-specific information is always an important area of consideration among any business regardless of scale. The integration of this information creates efficiencies and can save a company considerable money, time and resources.  These benefits can be magnified depending on the scope of the company and industry in which it operates.  The integration of data amongst departments has the potential to significantly impact a company.  “Big Data,” with regards to information technology, is a term that is being thrown around regularly as of late.  When companies formulate a plan to tackle and conquer the world of Big Data in 2013 they should first take a look at their integration strategy.  For, Big Data and integration should be synonymous, like peas in a pod, yin and yang, PB & J…you get the idea.      

When looking at large data intensive industries such as health insurance for example, the performance of the data structure is only as good as the integration methods utilized.  Cross-departmental integration can increase the performance of a company significantly.  Lets analyze the example previously presented: Health Insurance. These companies are by nature data driven, but they are also by nature segmented companies or organizations operating in an ecosystem of other semi-autonomous entities.

When data is shared through the integration of interoperable systems Production Managers, Underwriters, Actuaries, Claims and Sales Staff are no longer segmented to their respective data silos.  This can create benefits to each department by leveraging other departments data. For instance, the Underwriter can analyze the Actuaries data, which can increase insight to the Underwriters process to make better-informed decisions that can save money over the long term. At the same time the Sales staff can generate faster responses to inquiries, more frequently and with increasing customization to the customer driving up sales; all the while the Claims department has greater insight to customer behavior at every level, which can reduce fraud claims.  Translation, an increased bottom-line.   

Integration with Drupal

A Drupal interface allows for extensive integration between existing software and third party platforms.  In order to get the most out of that software it needs to be able to “speak” with your website.  Often times platforms speak different languages and are not compatible with one another. This has the tendency to diminish value at all levels.  Achieve has mastered the art of Platform Integration.  A prime example of valuable integration is incorporating Salesforce.com into the back end of a website.  Integrating software like Salesforce.com can greatly increase the productivity of your sales staff across all departments.

The benefits are transferable to numerous companies along numerous industries.  Most companies would not object to more accurate and usable business projections, better customer insights, a shorter sales cycle, an increase in cross-selling...the benefits go on.  Unfortunately, most companies are not strategically situated to take advantage of the benefits of Big Data because they are handcuffed by systems that do not cooperate well with one another, which makes data transfers and knowledge sharing between departments arduous and cumbersome, at best.  Luckily Achieve Internet has a development staff full of highly trained software engineers with vast amounts of relevant experience to conquer even the most complex integration projects.  Achieve Internet prides itself on its expertise in Integration.  Building unique and custom interfaces that allow for greater data flow between systems is what we do!