Take Your Site to the Next Level with a Great User Experience

Jan. 23 2013

User Experience (UX) should be a primary focus for website and mobile app development simply because if the end-user has a difficult time navigating a site they will most likely navigate somewhere else (most likely away from your site!).  Every business sector has a litany of sites that are lagging behind in end-user satisfaction.  The companies that make user experience a priority quite frequently advance in their respective industries by leaps and bounds.  Here at Achieve we focus heavily on User Experience because our developers understand that a flashy, slick site is irrelevant if the user is not able to find what they are looking for.  A poor user experience can cost a company followers, customers, reputation, and subsequently money.  Where as a positive user experience can be so enjoyable that a company can attain raving fans, new customers, elevated reputation among peers and increased revenues.  

Not all sites are built around e-Commerce so UX does not always represent an ease-to-purchase path.  The User Experience of a site should be about more than soliciting a sale from the visitor.  UX should be more than leveraging site visitors to a purchase.  User Experience is about making the site so intuitive that navigating the architecture of the site for the first time is akin to tying on one’s shoes or buttoning up a shirt, in other words, easy.  Achieve Internet has developed many sites that have outstanding User Experience, but recently Achieve has accomplished two glowing examples of how UX can be leveraged to enhance a site in order to make it great, Hunter Industries and Dexcom Inc, (NASDAQ: DXCM).  These sites are a joy to interact with thanks to Achieve’s focus on User Experience.   

Hunter Industries is a worldwide distributor of residential and commercial irrigation systems with a global reach of over 80 countries and over 30,000 product SKUs.  The Hunter site had to focus on UX because of the vast array of information needed to be made available to contractors and outside installers.  This was important because this information was necessary for these contractors when making purchasing decisions at retail or commercial stores.  Hunter also does business in 24 different languages so a key aspect to the end user experience of the site was Globalization, which makes it simple to target your audience in their native language, and Achieve had to make all this information available in 10 active languages with the ability to scale up to the 24 desired languages.  What was so unique about the Hunter site was that Achieve was able to create an architecture and management system of an incredible amount of information in a way that did not overwhelm the end-user, which helped to eliminate decision paralysis.

The Dexcom Inc. store was a unique challenge for Achieve Internet.  The internal marketing and technology teams at Dexcom teamed up with Achieve to build, host and support an e-commerce site that gave patients a quick, easy, and secure method for re-ordering their glucose monitoring systems.  This is no ordinary e-commerce site; Achieve had to tap into crucial client data that existed in Dexcom’s legacy Oracle system, while ensuring HIPAA compliance, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.  Achieve built a custom module for the online store that integrated proprietary client data, which allowed for insurance verification, purchasing and frequency limits based on client insurance and co-pays. Additionally, the site enabled patients to view product specifications and other important information in an aesthetically pleasing and well-architected fashion.  By giving patients access to their insurance records and diabetes devices in one central place, Dexcom and Achieve provided patients a great User Experience allowing  these folks to access their necessary glucose monitoring devices in a timely fashion with ease, all while maintaining patient data security.

User Experience is a key pillar of expertise for Achieve.  It is one of our core competencies and it shows in all of our work.  Building a site with the end user in mind is at the heart of what we do.