The ABC Family of Walt Disney set out to migrate a newly acquired site, idealbite.com, from an Expression Engine CMS to Drupal. The site’s basic feature was to provide daily health tips directed towards women in the 25 to 55 age group. The site encourages women to collect these tips in their Profile account and share their favorite tips with the other members.  

The Challenge

The site needed to incorporate a sophisticated Registration and User Profile module to ensure the highest level of user interaction.  Data migration from one site to another is always a monumental task and in Disney’s case, an Enterprise Level Solution, was complicated by the inconsistency of the data and original architecture of the Expression Engine database.

The Solution

The final project included a complete site design as well as a third party integration of an email newsletter system.  As for the data migration, once it was scrubbed and ported over to Drupal, getting the data to display in the Drupal format was relatively straightforward.

The Result

Through a well-tested Change Order process, in addition to a thorough Architecture and Planning foundation, which spelled out the goals and objectives of the project, Achieve Internet was able to add twice the functionality originally requested by only adding one week to the project timeline.


Migrated all the current content and user data from the old site and incorporated it into a new user-friendly site that encouraged user interaction; all this was accomplished by a firm client-driven deadline.