DivX, LLC, a subsidiary of Rovi Corporation, helps consumers enjoy a high-quality video experience on any device or platform, and because of this, the company needs its website operating at peak performance at all times in order to connect the consumer with the solutions that the company sells.

The Challenge

When DivX approached Achieve it had a website structure and code base that had been edited and altered by a number of different freelance developers.  Unfortunately, the site would not operate as it was supposed to and DivX did not have a dependable internal development team to solve the issue.  The company asked Achieve to come in and clean up the current state of the code base, resolve problems with the localization matrix, and implement Drupal best-practices to optimize the performance of the site.    

The Solution

These kinds of projects are not foreign to Achieve.  We have compiled the smartest developers into one shop and they revel in solving the most complex issues.  Achieve is routinely sought after to fix projects that are too complicated for other development firms.  By utilizing our expertise and experience we were able to harness the globalization and localization functionality of Drupal in order to resolve the issues DivX was having.  A necessary localization module integration was needed for the site to render the correct data and operate at its peak performance.  

The Result

DivX’s software is its lifeblood, and its source of revenue, the software lives on their website which makes the need for an optimized digital property that much more critical.  With the support of Achieve DivX was able to launch a re-vamped site that enhanced the consumer experience and ran at its peak.  This was important to DivX due because an optimized digital property that is running at its peak results in higher conversion rates -- in DivX’s case -- more product downloads, which would increase revenue.


Achieve standardized all of the code on the DivX site and re-organized and re-modeled the localization matrix following strict best practice guideline to deliver a more functional and optimized website.