As a leader in the consumer and business credit reporting industry, Experian collects credit data on over 3 million U.S businesses annually . The company is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with clients and customers based on their credit score.  Experian wanted the ability to develop new digital properties at a more rapid pace, properties that interacted with their internal systems and databases.   

The Challenge

Experian wanted to create a customer environment where the user could update various pieces of their personal information and history, to better reflect their credit report.  The second site Experian wanted was an interactive interface for businesses that would allow companies to track the credit-worthiness of customers, and highlight potential risks associated with each account. Unfortunately the company lacked the expertise to solve this challenge so they came to Achieve for help. 

The Solution

Achieve developed three sites to reach consumers and provide them the ability to change incorrect information to better help manage their credit scores.  Through a series of communications and interactions between servers and users, the system would authenticate the user and give them the opportunity to update their personal information.  

The Result

These new web properties gave Experian the ability to productize a business application that provided meaningful and beneficial insight into potential client behavior that gave businesses greater confidence when making decisions. 


Delivered a seamless integration of existing internal systems with new cutting-edge digital properties that further enhanced Experian’s value proposition to its customers.