Fast Company

Fast Company

The Challenge

Fast Company, the world’s leading progressive business media brand, needed to create a business community site for its editors that automated workflow, gave superior access to control interactive media, and enabled the company to release content to its audience with the least amount of lag-time possible.  A vast array of information and content comes across the desks of editors at Fast Company on an almost hourly basis.  Editors mush be able to digest all the information in a timely fashion in order to create engaging articles for the company’s audience.  The administrators at Fast Company wanted an interactive workstation for the editors to allow them to compile and aggregate engaging content into an easy-to-use content editor.        

The Solution

Achieve developed a cutting-edge, customized workflow for the editors at Fast Company by giving them advanced functionality including, RSS, search, suggestion, community building, and publishing options.  Achieve provided custom Drupal software development and project management leadership to deliver a world-class platform in support of award winning journalism and a vibrant online community. The site incorporates a professional grade content management system and editorial workflow controls, along with a full suite of cutting edge Web 2.0 applications.

The Achieve development team created customized user registration and profiling ability as well.

The Result

Achieve did more than just allow community members to build profiles, it extended the ability of Drupal to facilitate members' ability to search for common interests, keep track of all their contributed content, and interact with contributions of other users and editorial staff. With this expanded capability, was able to offer business professionals a unique opportunity to collaborate with both peers and content creators, to build a next generation business community. The advanced search functions that Achieve developed gave users their desired results in 2 – 3 seconds, which are comparable to top sites such as, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Community members of have the ability to disseminate their own content out onto the web as an RSS feed, they can also integrate various off-site feeds and browse stories, blogs and editorial content from the entire site. This customized evolution of Drupal RSS capability is unique to the experience.


Developed a next-generation online business community and subsequently expanded the tool kit of today's business professional, by giving them a variety of powerful Web 2.0 applications. Additionally, allowed the editors at Fast Company to leverage the best of interactive media and provide content to a large global audience.