GSN High Stakes Poker TV

Game Show Network

The Challenge

The Game Show Network ( debuted the season premier of its seventh season of the television show High Stakes Poker on Saturday, February 26 2011.  Achieve Internet was proud to have participated in the premier by developing a brand-new website to support the show. Game Show Network worked with a creative agency to design the site, and Achieve Internet implemented it. Some might call 5 days from comps to website an implementation. We called it a Bull Run!

The Solution

This is the first Game Show Network TV show site to be built in Drupal.  In addition to standard functionality, the website includes custom integration with a third-party system for playing and featuring Flash video. The integration pulls JSON feeds of data to populate a jQuery slider that displays on the home page while also providing a page for the full Flash player to play episodes. In addition to video, the site has blog posts, provides commenting and social networking features, and in the near future, will provide player biographies.

The Result

The High Stakes Poker site is optimized so that when there are spikes in traffic, the site will handle the load gracefully, through the use of several complex caching techniques that are proven to improve performance. Achieve avoids deploying sites the night before a big premier; however, with deployment being another strong suit of Achieve Internet, we were confident in getting the site deployed and stable on time.  As a result of the project, Achieve became a co-maintainer of the WordFilter module, which allows site administrators to filter certain words on all pages and can  replace find and replace words throughout a website. The module hadn’t been fully ported over to Drupal 7, so Achieve Internet jumped in, became a co-maintainer, and released a stable Drupal 7 version of the module.


Launched a fully functional site in an exceptionally tight timeframe that incorporates full TV episodes of Flash video, social networking capabilities, a blog feed and player biographies.