Hunter Industries

Hunter Industries


Hunter Industries is a worldwide distributor of residential and commercial irrigation systems with a global reach of over 80 countries and over 30,000 product SKUs. The goal with the new Hunter site was to incorporate all the product information in one easy to use location. This vast array of information included PDFs, documents, video tutorials, and product specifications.

The Challenge

The old site had 2,000 pages in HTML from 5 different designers within 6 years.  All this information had to be user friendly in order to educate Contractors and Outside Installers. This was important because this information was necessary for these Contractors when making purchasing decisions at retail or commercial stores.  Another primary focus of the new Hunter site was globalization, the site had to incorporate 7 different languages in an easy to manage process for the administrators.  User Experience was key for the new Hunter site so as not to overwhelm the end user when conveying copious amounts of information and documentation in 7 different languages.

The Solution

Achieve was able to create an architecture and management system, by utilizing a customized Apache Solr search module, with an incredible amount of information in a way that does not overwhelm the end-user. Information was easy to find, as well as backwards compatible with older browsers.  Achieve also utilized the Globalization ability of Drupal in order to give the customers the information in the desired language without having to create multiple sites.  In order to do that Achieve created the Media Translation module to allow Hunter to group together related media files into a “translation set,” and then automatically show the correct file for that language site .

The Results

The new Hunter site not only looks great but it is functional and conveys the desired product information to the end user.  A 3 month Google Analytics review of the old site, 2011, to the new site, 2012, proved that Hunter’s initial goals were meet and they saw 103% increase in visits, 93% increase in unique visitors, 160% increase in page views, and a 34% decrease in bounce rate.  This was all accomplished on a site that now has 8,550 new pages, 4,743 images and documents, and 487 documents for download.

“Achieve’s custom module elements … let any user, once they understand how our resource library and our support library and our case study library work, go into the system and look for what they want to find, by product type or customer type or location, and it’ll surface that information really easily for them. To us that is an absolute masterpiece of the site in managing so much content,” said Jeff Falk Sales and Marketing Director for Hunter Industries.  


The Hunter site is now intuitive and easy to use in 7 different languages.  It acts as a clean and uncluttered vehicle to convey the product information to the client with ease.  This focused scope of information helped to eliminate decision paralysis among clients when purchasing Hunter Products at commercial retail stores.