MAGIC Online

MAGIC Online


Worldwide media company Advanstar Communications runs the world’s two largest fashion shows every year.  The Magic Show is held in Las Vegas twice a year and attracts the world’s largest designer and retail brands. After delivering Advanstar’s Corporate site in only three weeks, Achieve Internet was again selected by Advanstar to team up with their fashion division, MAGIC, in July of 2011 to launch a highly data-driven site taking advantage of the power of Drupal.

The Challenge

This project had a strict timeline and was required to be completed in time to support the division’s annual fashion industry trade show in August 2011.  The challenge with the MAGIC site was that Advanstar’s very talented content authors all had deep print backgrounds, but significantly less online experience.  The administrators were having trouble populating their old website quick enough to keep up with the constantly fluctuating fashion landscape.  Achieve needed to develop a content rich site that could be easily updated by the back-end user regardless of that user’s Drupal skills.  This all had to be done in a very short timeframe.   

The Solution

To overcome this challenge Achieve felt it was important to architect the MAGIC site so that almost all of it, including block content, is managed at the node level. This allowed the administrators to focus on the final look of each section and not concern themselves with the workings of Drupal’s block system.  Achieve was also able to exploit Drupal’s data-driven content display functionality by allowing content authors to upload a logo image, one time, in one field and pull it into several different blocks, which made it possible to use the same image in multiple locations throughout the site.  The Achieve Development Team was able to handle the tight deadline because of its breadth of experience and skill with Drupal development.  

The Result

Achieve delivered the MAGIC site before the launch of the fashion show without having to sacrifice performance and functionality.  The site now handles copious amounts of content updated almost daily, and is done so with ease by the administrators of the site. This results in a significant time savings and allows them to focus on other strategic tasks. This workflow automation helps back-end users easily get the most up to date information to the end-user while maintaining a great looking website.   


Developed an easy to use website for prospective fashion distributors, wholesalers, and customers as well as for the content authors, front and back end users, that functionally delivered great content with a high level of performance.