The Challenge

Achieve was asked by Viacom, the parent company of Paramount Pictures and MTV, to join both Paramount and MTV on two separate projects. The goal of the projects were to provide Drupal Architecture and Engineering services, and asses the viability of the two projects the companies were currently working on.

The Solution

Achieve Internet completed a thorough analysis of the current code base and the project roadmap.  We delivered an extensive analysis suggesting refinements and enhancements to the Drupal Architecture.  

The Result

Ultimately, Viacom moved forward with The Paramount project because Achieve was able to implement stringent best practice standards that their internal developers could follow in an effort to optimize the site.  The MTV project needed a much more monumental overhaul and was subsequently shut down due to Viacom’s inelastic budget constraints.


MTV and Paramount were given much needed software development support on run-away projects, which ended up saving both companies considerable time and money. Achieve’s guidance helped to refocus the development teams and provided realistic and attainable goals that underscored each company’s value proposition to their target markets.