NBC Universal

NBC Universal

The Challenge

NBC Universal is a leader in the entertainment world with hundreds of online properties that require constant attention.  NBCU’s Telemundu division reached out to Achieve for help migrating their HolaMun2.com property over to a Drupal management system.  HolaMun2.com is an English language site focused on Latino Pop Culture and directed towards the 13 to 18 year old demographic. Telemundo and NBCU wanted this site to have community engagement capabilities, advanced user permission settings, and sophisticated photo gallery functionality.  

The Solution

In order for Achieve to accomplish the photo gallery functionality the development team first had to tackle a number of other core Drupal modules that are complementary to the Photo Gallery module.  User Experience for any site is of paramount focus for Achieve and this site was no different, especially given the highly elegant end result that Telemundu and NBCU desired.  

The Result

Achieve created a truly engaging site that increased performance and overall user experience.  


Delivered a fully functionality with search capabilities, social networking tools, and an engaging photo gallery tool that allows commenting and sharing for authorized users.