The Challenge

Right Scale needed two new digital properties developed. For the first project, they required assistance with the migration of content from a previous site to a new multilingual site with languages in Japanese and Korean. The second site was a Conference Organizing Distribution or C.O.D which they used for building conferences and event sites online. For each project, Rightscale had Achieve focus heavily on User Experience, specifically on the back-end of the platform to facilitate administrative workflow.    

The Solution

In both instances Achieve created custom modules that simplified the process of updating content to the sites.  Achieve was able to create a custom module, The Translation Management Dashboard, which established an easy-to-use interface for translators.  For the second project Achieve had to focus on both the unique agenda display, which strayed from core Drupal components, and workflow facilitation.

The Result

The Translation Management Dashboard was able to streamline the process of converting content in English to the desired, Japanese or Korean languages for the new site.  

For the C.O.D. site, Achieve created a module that replicated the unique agenda display that Rightscale desired.  


In both instances, Achieve streamlined the workflow for content editors by creating custom back-end interfaces that increased efficiency, which ultimately saved time, resources and money for Rightscale.