Studio Blue

Studio Blue


Founded in 2002, Bella Pictures is an award-winning company that is transforming the wedding photography and videography industry. Bella's technology-driven approach brings new standards of quality, service and transparency to capturing and sharing your wedding memories. was a new property focused on the cost-conscience side of today's wedding market.  

The Challenge

The organization needed  a more flexible system that allowed them to react and adapt to an ever-changing market in a cost efficient manner. They chose Drupal, and Ubercart, for the renowned flexibility and the frameworks proven track record in SEO.

The key goals the technical team wanted to accomplish were as follows:

  • Develop a Drupal/Ubercart website in less than two months

  • Prove Drupal could truly meet their organizational challenges

  • Integrate transactional data into the existing Bella infrastructure

  • Customize the shopping cart to allow for a recurring payment plan

  • Create reusable code to allow partner websites on the same basic code base

  • Allow the in-house team to maintain and make future enhancements

  • Repurpose code base to future project

Together Bella Pictures and Achieve had a winning formula for the planning, architecture, development and coding of the Studio Blue site so that it meet all of their performance goals, functionality requirements and end user experience expectations.  

The Solution

Bella Pictures development team with Achieve's help was able to develop a fully functional site with easy to use payment options and scheduling features by integrating Ubercart. Achieve streamlined the registration process and allowed the visitor to interact with the true power of Bella without the stress of commitment.  Achieve also wrote a custom module to handle this complex ordering process between Drupal, Ubercart and the system to allow users to set up a payment plan online.  

The Result

Achieve created a site for Bella that organized all their desired information into an easy to use architecture, which can be leveraged by Bella’s development team for future branded websites within Bella’s portfolio.  


Removed the guesswork and hassle of in picking and paying for a wedding photographer by integrating Ubercart and creating a unique buying experience. Bella’s Studio Blue now gives the user access to the information they want with ease.   Achieve developed and trained Bella’s internal team so that they can easily repurpose all the code to be used on future branded website.