Dagoberto Aceves is a senior Drupal Developer at Achieve, with a strong role supporting projects requiring integration to third party systems. With widespread experience in several mainstream web application frameworks including Spring, Ruby on Rails, CakePHP and 5+ years Drupal, Dagoberto is active in keeping Drupal's mainstream presence in the world of web technologies. He is actively pursuing community interests which help move Drupal forward in the world. Dago believes there is no single solution to any problem, but Drupal is a great step in the right direction for web application needs.

Currently Dagoberto co-maintains Flickr Sync and the Salesforce Web-to-Lead Webform Data Integration modules.

Having cut his teeth in web application development in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area, Dago has returned to his hometown of San Diego with the goal of helping his adopted Drupal family grow and prosper. Camp volunteer, participant and presenter, Dagoberto is actively helping spread Drupal knowledge to all who will listen. A recent endeavor took him to High Tech High in Chula Vista, to help a class of high school seniors leverage Drupal to promote car-pooling and alleviate the lack of parking at their school.

A graduate of the University of California, San Diego, Dagoberto believes in a positive work-life balance. At times he considers himself the Neelix of Achieve Internet, drumming up group activities or office shenanigans to compliment the hard work ethic he and his coworkers share.

Drupal Development Certifications: