Esteban Solano is a black-belt PHP Web Developer. With a solid background in finance systems development, Esteban went from building and maintaining online banking applications to high-demand Drupal development. Over the span of his career, he has acquired extensive experience with both Drupal and Wordpress development.Esteban is particularly skilled in database administration and has extensive knowledge of  leading DB tools such as MySQL, PL/SQL and Oracle. He can do anything and everything from basic Apache server administration to elegant UX / UI solutions using JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and CSS/HTML. Once upon a time, he also did a lot of cool animations with Flash and ActionScript.Esteban was born and raised in Costa Rica. He is fully bilingual and brings that multicultural experience to the table whenever he engages a new client. He knows how to take complex business requirements and distill them down into actionable results that continually exceed client expectations. Community Involvement Esteban regularly attends Drupalcamps and meetups in Central America, contributing back much of the knowledge acquired by working with top-notch agencies and Drupal shops. Hobbies and Other Passions In his spare time, Esteban enjoys practicing Karate. We kid you not, he is actually a black-belt in karate.

  • Open Source Web Development
  • LAMP stack administration
  • Performance tuning
  • Web application development using PHP, Drupal, Wordpress, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, XHTML, CSS, Flash, Oracle