Rob Montero is a Senior Web Engineer at Achieve Internet, and holds an Acquia Grand Master Certification, which certifies his proficicency in three other tests: Acquia Certified Developer, Acquia Certified Developer Back End Specialist and Acquia Certified Developer Front End Specialist. He also got his Zend Certification for PHP during his tenure at Achieve. Rob has worked diligently to solve complex problems by implementing straightforward, manageable, and cost-effective solutions using Drupal for over 7 years and has spent well over 15 years building web applications using other technologies like HTML, ASP and PHP. Throughout his professional career Rob has helped to support the Drupal community by complementing contributed modules with his own custom modules to deliver robust solutions that are both light-weight and easy to use.

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Rob is fully bilingual (English/Spanish) and bi-cultural thanks to the extensive work he has done with companies in the USA. One of his notable areas of expertise is globalization where he has helped dozens of clients by not only internationalizing their web properties but also applying his understanding of the necessary workflow and components required to make a web application ready for international markets.

Rob has been involved internationally in his support of Drupal camps in Costa Rica and throughout other parts of Central America. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need and enjoys mentoring young developers who want to strive to further their engineering skills.

Rob is a maintainer for 10+ contributed modules on, some of which are included below. Among the most notable are modules supporting third party integration with platforms such as: Drupagram which integrates Instagram with Drupal allowing users to display images in blocks and views; SVN which allows end-users to issue basic SVN commands to control file versions; and Media Translation which extends the Media module to support translations. Some of his other translation, localization, and user experience contributions include:

You can usually find Rob speaking and participating at large Drupal events such as Drupalcon. Rob has attended and frequently presents at Drupal camps all over California and has been known to frequent international events as well. Rob graduated from ULACIT, the leading univeristy in Costa Rica for technology and science, earning his bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering and continues to be involved with the university by organizing drupal camps and meetups there. 

Rob enjoys keeping up with technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is also a movie buff and a bit of a foodie.

Drupal Development Certifications:

Acquia Certified Grand Master Acquia Certified Developer Acquia Certified Backend Specialist Acquia Certified Front-end Specialist


  • Acquia Certified Grand Master
  • Acquia Certified Drupal Developer
  • Acquia Certified Drupal Developer Back End Specialist
  • Acquia Certified Drupal Developer Front End Specialist
  • Zend Certified
  • PHP
  • ASP
  • HTML
  • Globalization 
  • Responsive Web Design