Give your platform the foundation it deserves

Our OPDK Workshop team is excited to provide you an expert installation and OPDK set up. Give your team a stable and confident foundation to move towards your desired digital business goals.

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Who Is This For? 

This workshop is for teams looking to create a stable and secure single-data center Private Cloud deployment using industry best practices and their specific environment constraints, prerequisites, and requirements.

What Will You Get? 

This would be accomplished via a 3 day onsite with sessions on Edge Private Cloud architecture, monitoring, and operations. The workshop also includes a 30/60/90-day Customer Journey Plan along with defined items to be completed via 2 development sprints.

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Workshop Agenda

  • Review requirements for deployment planning 
  • Documented Edge Private Cloud environment specs
  • Create a multi-node deployment of Edge Private Cloud in a single data center
  • Define Edge Organization(s) & Environment(s) 
  • Operating Edge environment 
  • Knowledge transfer session to enable team for future Edge success

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