Application Development

Jul. 19 2010

Joomla! vs. Drupal in the Enterprise, Part 2 - Administrative Back-Ends

Continuing the comparison between Joomla! and Drupal in enterprise settings, this article addresses how each technology separates administrative functionality from public-facing content.
Jul. 15 2010

Joomla! vs. Drupal CMS for Enterprise Web Development, Pt 1

Drupal vs Joomla! In various published comparisons, including CmsWire and and Top Notch Themes, between Joomla! and Drupal, the common conclusion is that Joomla! excels in allowing web developers to quickly produce high-quality and attractive small and medium sized websites while the strength of Dr...
Jul. 12 2010

Top Five Reasons to Use Solr to Power Drupal Site Searching

Top Five Reasons to Use Solr to Power Site Search The content in your Drupal site must be accessible to visitors, and this makes robust searching a necessity. Solr, a popular open source search platform, can be integrated with Drupal to provide robust and fast site searching.   Here are five of t...
Jul. 7 2010

Top Five Public Sites that Use Solr

Drupal and Solr Achieve Internet specializes in Drupal and Solr integration and customization to ensure that website content searching is fast and thorough. Solr is a popular search platform, due to its speed and features.   Here are five noteworthy public sites that use Solr to handle search:
May. 18 2010

Drupal Data Mining for

The Need for Data Mining Mun2, a part of Telemundo cable, is a channel created for America’s Latino youth. The corresponding Drupal website serves the same demographic (American Latinos ages 13-18) and provides information on the tv lineup as well as news and related interactive content. In an eff...
Jul. 27 2009

Drupal Case Study: StudioBlue

Founded in 2002, Bella Pictures is an award-winning company that is transforming the wedding photography and videography industry. Bella's technology-driven approach brings new standards of quality, service and transparency to capturing and sharing your wedding memories. Founded by a team of profess...
Oct. 15 2008

Automated Testing, and its Importance to Drupal Development

Drupal - Automated Testing While Drupal 6 is still getting ready for production use, work on Drupal 7 is already under way. One of the major patches that made it in so far was the inclusion of SimpleTest into core. Unlike most patches, it doesn't affect the end-user, but it affects developers and t...
Nov. 24 2007

Thoughts About Commercialization of Open Source

Open Source Benefits The various open source communities have been an integral part of computing for over two decades. They provide a platform for development, as well as create a continuous mode of improvement.  However, I believe that the biggest value add from open source is the ability to creat...