Globalization Services

Aug. 16 2012

Globalization: Expand Your Reach Grow Your Bottom-line

Globalization To most people, the task of developing international versions of a website can seem like a daunting task requiring vast amount of resources and just something you can’t really afford. The real question is, can you afford not to internationalize your web properties? Let’s explore the b...
Jul. 9 2012

The Current State of Drupal 7 Multilingual

Globalization demands that websites serve content to very diverse audiences. Given its robust API and wide variety of contributed modules, Drupal’s language support is key to sites that require internationalization. In this blog post we will explore some of the tools used to create Drupal 7 multilin...
Jan. 24 2012

Case Study: Hunter Industries

Case Study Hunter Industries – Drupal Isn’t All Wet Challenge
Nov. 30 2011

Drupal Media Files Now Available Via Solr Search

Achieve Internet Releases the Drupal 7 ApacheSolr Media Module This module allows website administrators to index files of any type so they can be included in site-wide search results. This is very useful for enterprise websites that need to manage a large number of files, such as videos, PDFs, doc...
Oct. 13 2011

Manhattan Associates Gets Newly Rebuilt Corporate Website - Thanks to Mediacurrent

Mediacurrent Builds Flexible Website for Manhattan Associates to Support Multiple Languages
Sep. 28 2011 Drupal Development on a World Wide Scale

Scaling on the Geographical Axis
Sep. 28 2011

Drupal 7 Media Translation Module

Achieve Internet is proud to announce the release of our latest Drupal 7 module, Media Translation, on This is the third in a series of modules that extend the functionality of the Media Module. This new module allows you to easily translate media files and taxonomy terms into multiple l...
Nov. 11 2010

Presenting Drupal Content in Multiple Languages

Drupal and Mulitple Language Translations