Infrastructure Services

May. 22 2012

Senior Drupal Project @ High Tech High

Real World Problem - Real Solutions Achieve Developer German Licon, CEO Ron Huber, and I got a chance to mentor a 2012 Senior class from High Tech High Chula Vista (  They were working on their Senior project, which used Drupal as a platform for solving t...
Feb. 18 2012

Partner - Drupal Commerce - 10,000 Websites World Wide

One of our favorite partners, the Commerce Guys, hit 10,000 downloads with Drupal Commerce this week.  This is a tremendous accomplishment for the Commerce Guys and an even bigger one for Drupal.  Drupal Commerce is in Achieve Internet's opinion a true revolutionary approach to Ecommerce and adds to...
Jan. 24 2012

Using JMeter for Performance Testing

JMeter is a useful tool for performance testing and profiling of your web applications, determining problematic pages, and identifying the realistic amount of traffic your site can be expected to handle. On the downside, in the Drupal space, it's an outside tool and oftentimes something that is - as...
Jun. 1 2011

Zinch Drupal for Higher Education

A Social Site with a Focus on Higher Education Zinch ( an online social network that enables students to demonstrate to colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher education they are more than just a test score and a GPA (grade point average). Zinch also enables college a...
Oct. 27 2010

Making Drupal Play Nicely with a CDN

Achieve works on many large-scale Drupal deployments (what we call Enterprise Drupal websites). We also work on many sites aspiring to reach this Enterprise level of deployment. During the process of growing a Drupal website, we leverage a host of technologies and apply various insider “tricks of th...
Jul. 28 2010

Top Five Reasons to Integrate Solr with Your Drupal Site

Drupal Solr Integration For large Drupal deployments, performance is key. One way to improve site speed is to unload search functionality onto a dedicated platform, called Solr, that provides better performance and more options. Here are the top five reasons to integrate Solr with your Drupal site:
May. 18 2010

Drupal aiCache on Wall Street's Wild Ride

Drupal aiCache The SEC is still investigating what caused the Dow Jones Industrial Average to fall nearly one thousand points in 30 minutes on May 6. Was it a fat finger, a conspiracy, a coincidence? What is known is that investors flocked to financial web sites in record numbers. A few of those si...
May. 4 2010

Open Government Data in a Drupal Cloud

Drupal Consulting In mid-March, the Secretary of the Department of Education (DOE) announced the findings of a study on computing in education. The study's data was to be published on the web in concert with the announcement, in order to take advantage of the news cycle.