Infrastructure Services

Apr. 15 2010

Superfast Searching on with SOLR

An All New Drupal’s web site is the hub of the Drupal community. Developers, business owners, CTOs, and curiosity seekers visit the site for core software downloads, add-on modules, support forums, documentation, news, and more. bustles with activity, and since it’s the face D...
Apr. 15 2010

Drupal rides the Enterprise Service Bus

Project Brief -- Drupal Integrated into Microsoft Architecture The American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) is a member-based, non-profit organization that provides businesses with resources on process and performance improvement with a focus on knowledge sharing and best practice research....
Mar. 30 2010

Dealing with Traffic Spikes with ai-Cache

Drupal Deals With Traffic Spikes Given the viral nature of the web, small-scale visitor-swarms can quickly become enormous and overwhelming. It's kind of like the the videos you see during Shark Week on Discovery Channel – a little Facebook and Twitter chum in the water and presto: feeding frenzy!...
Jan. 25 2010

SANDCamp 2010

Welcome to SandCamp
Jan. 25 2010

SANDCamp: Prepare to Scale

San Diego Drupal Development SANDCamp was this past weekend, and I had the pleasure of being able to present. The first half of the presentation was geared at improvements that can be utilized by small sites (app/db on the same server) to improve performance and increase capacity. The second half o...
Aug. 25 2009

The Different Faces of Drupal Multi-Site

Drupal Multi-site Installation
Aug. 13 2009

Drupal LA Huge Success

LA Drupal Camp The Achieve Internet team attended our third LA Drupal camp on Aug 8th and 9th. Once again Chris Charlton and his team did an outstanding job with the event. The location at UCI was not only convenient for the San Diego Achieve team, it really provided an outstanding venue for the ev...
Jan. 27 2009

First Ever SANDcamp!

San Diego Drupal Camp - SANDcamp With an attendance of 80 to 90 people, and participants from all over the United States and even Ecuador, the first SANDcamp (San Diego Drupal Camp) was a success.
Jan. 21 2009

New American President, New White House Website

New President - New White House Website Hurrah! With a new president comes a variety of changes, and with this president in particular, I'm sure we're in for plenty.