Infrastructure Services

Jul. 22 2008

Drupal Install Profiles

WTH is a Drupal Install Profile? Install profiles rock, and you should know what they are and why they're the future. There's a folder you probably have paid little attention to that is situated right at the top level of a drupal install (5 or 6): profiles. The standard Drupal profile is called Dr...
Jan. 29 2008

Memcache 1.7 Released

Drupal Scaling I am very happy to announce the release of Memcache 1.7 for Drupal.  The most notable improvement being the addition of pluggable sessions for memcache.  Memcache is an instrumental module for scaling Drupal sites and we now have a release that is more stable than ever.
Nov. 28 2006

Rackspace Continues as Most Reliable Hosting Company

Website Hosting Rackspace is the most reliable hosting company, followed closely by managed hosting company Datapipe and Katarre, a colocation and dedicated hosting provider, according to a fall of 2006 study by Netcraft.