Mobile and Responsive Dev

Nov. 18 2013

Finding Your Audience

JP Morgan Chase: A Case Study in What Not to Do Know your market and how to connect with them 
Jul. 16 2013

Why You Should Design For Mobile First

As I begin to write this post I’m wondering to myself, how many people are going to read this blog post on a mobile device. With about half of the world’s population using smart mobile devices, chances are pretty good that you are reading this on your smartphone or tablet.
Workflow Automation
Jun. 18 2013

Stop Wasting Money on Workflow Redundancies

Part 2 of The Workflow Series. My second installment of this series on Workflow will illuminate some of the problems that a cumbersome workflow can cause. In Part 1 of this series, I defined workflow as a series of organized steps that follow each without delay, as well as the benefits of a smooth...
Apr. 3 2013

Workflow Automation = A Well Oiled Business Machine

What is workflow? According to, workflow is defined as: “a sequence of concatenated steps, where each step follows the precedent without delay or gap and ends just before the subsequent step may begin.[1]”
Open Source IT, can relieve Custom CMS fatigue
Apr. 3 2013

10 Ways an Open Source CMS Can Make You Happier

Is your custom content management system bringing you down? Jumping through too many hoops? Too much time spent not getting your content online? These are signs of a common problem referred to as Custom CMS Fatigue. It’s been known to cause nausea, headaches and shattered computer screens. Luckily,...
HealthIT, HealthcareIT, IT in Healthcare, Medical IT
Mar. 7 2013

Harnessing Drupal and Open Source within Healthcare

Harnessing Drupal and Open Source to Drive Outcomes in Healthcare Lessons from The San Diego Business Journal, Healthcare Reform Conference
Jan. 23 2013

Take Your Site to the Next Level with a Great User Experience

User Experience (UX) should be a primary focus for website and mobile app development simply because if the end-user has a difficult time navigating a site they will most likely navigate somewhere else (most likely away from your site!).  Every business sector has a litany of sites that are lagging...
Jan. 17 2013

Responsive Web Design at SANDCamp 2013

RWD: Why is it Relevent?
Jul. 30 2012

Responsive Design Primer

Achieve developer Rob Montero gave an excellent and extremely well attended primer on Responsive Web Design at DrupalCampLA over the weekend.  What is responsive design you ask?  To put it simply, it allows your website to automatically size to the device on which it's being viewed.  Tired of surfin...