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Mobile Theme And The Browsers That Rule Us

Dagoberto Aceves
Lead Engineer
Last night over a new episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I was mulling over how I was going to revamp my friend’s newly inherited website. After getting into the groove of things, I had my list of modules to install, views to build, pages to put up, roles, etc., and then I got to the theme. My mind started spinning its wheels on if she needed a mobile theme or not.

Part of me said no, mobile browsers have been kicking butt. Most websites look just as good on my phone as they do on my iPad, laptop, or desktop. Especially true when you’re familiar with a site, you can zoom out and in to areas you want to focus on. Mobile versions of sites tend to be condensed, lacking all the pop, zing, and pow of the typical sites.  Also, I HATE getting pushed into a mobile site. The experience is less than what I’m used to, and if you’re anything like me, you’re online every waking moment and the majority of that time is on a fully fledged browser, not a mobile one. It’s like you’re getting punished and being given the "for dummies" version of the site just because you’re on your phone.

Then the devil’s advocate in me comes along and says, “You are NOT ignoring that market, sir!” Rightfully so, we shouldn't ignore a very strong mobile market. Granted, most of the buzz has been around apps, making people’s mobile browsing experience take a back seat to the hype. But people will continue browsing the net on their phones and tablets, and the first one to make it click better with the user will take the cookie for innovation.  This type of innovation is not going to come around simply by creating a great site and letting your phone figure out how to do the mobile version. That being said, innovation does not come from creating a simple theme, making everything text, and calling it a day; that has been done, and it is frightfully terrible. The only way to achieve the best of your web potential is by getting a mobile theme up on your site, and giving it as much love and attention as you do to your site’s normal theme. It’s not easy; awesomeness never is.

In the next few weeks I’d like to explore some of the web+mobile dreamscape and would love some feedback from you....
  • Where does the market stand on mobile themes? (Do you have a mobile theme?)
  • Do you need a theme for your website, your phone, AND your tablet? (Oy...)
  • What about apps, does this this all mean I need an app? (app vs. mobile theme)

Tell me what you think and catch me on d.o

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