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What Makes a Company Obsession-Worthy? How Tesla and Apple Got it Right, Part 1

William O'Connor

Tesla and Apple - Obsession-Worthy Part 1

I'm utterly and completely obsessed with the Tesla Model S.

So obsessed in fact, that I think we should take a moment to just admire it:

I'm so obsessed with this vehicle that I keep trying to convince myself to put a deposit down on one. All my cars work fine, but that hasn't kept me from trying to figure out a way I can justify a Tesla. I've also tried — in vain, sadly — to convince my partners that we should procure one as a company car. (Hey, web development companies need company cars, too…)

I have the Model S as my desktop background; I regularly review the gallery for the Model S; I tweet about the Model S; I talk about the Model S; few things in life consume me the way the Model S has. I'm enthralled beyond any sense of reason or propriety with a car.

I can identify only one other brand that gets me to act as irrationally: Apple. And every time I look around at a DrupalCamp or DrupalCon, I feel that I'm not alone in this regard when it comes to Apple.

To me, the overriding similarity between the two companies is that I feel I get quality engineering without sacrificing aesthetics. The Tesla Model S would be an amazing car without the beautiful body, but it wouldn't inspire obsession. There are other beautiful cars and other electric cars, but the Model S marries engineering and beauty in a way that other brands miss. Likewise, Apple products inspire a similar obsession.

The latest incarnation of the MacBook Air is a good example of top-tier engineering coupled with a beautiful form factor. Both Apple and Tesla manage this combination of design and development in a way that seems effortless.

The more parallels I start seeing between Apple and Tesla, the more I realize that I want my company to be like that also.

Right now, it seems that many of the tools in the Drupal community focus on one factor (usually engineering) to the detriment of the other (usually design), and I want Achieve Internet to strive to rise above that. We spend a lot of time crafting quality engineering solutions, but we’ve fallen short of where we could be with design and usability.

Therefore, Achieve Internet is completely changing the way we think about developing websites. We're focusing more on creating complete solutions that deliver everything our clients expect from a website: top-notch usability combined with quality engineering. It isn’t an easy task by any stretch, but I want us to be great, which means we have work to do. I'm excited about getting started, and my hope is that in the process we create fans that feel the same way about Achieve as I feel about Apple and Tesla.



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