Apigee Platform Engineer

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United States

About Achieve

Achieve Internet is a leading enterprise software product and solution provider with over 20 years of experience. Our core business is developing API Strategy, building API solutions and creating world-class API Portals. Our product lines include an advanced API Portal and an API Security platform. Both are offered as a SaaS solution with the portal also available in a standalone version. We work with all the major Cloud providers, including Google which is a client and a partner. 

We need a Apigee Platform Engineer to continue this success. Join the Achieve team and make delivering innovative work part of your extraordinary career.

Job Responsibilities for an Apigee Platform Engineer:

  • Guide clients in the architecture, design, setup, and management of the Apigee platform in on-premise datacenters or cloud providers such as AWS, GCP or Azure
  • Responsible for designing, developing, implementing, managing and securing API proxies and REST APIs using Apigee Edge
  • Develops strategy for cloud migration and follows best implementation practices across on-premise and cloud platforms
  • Builds continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment software tools that support the team and clients
  • Assists in ensuring that APIs fulfill business requirements, including any added features, client's infrastructure and systems
  • Design and develop API platform to connect to various disparate backend systems for seamless data exchange
  • Assists in implementing requirements of the API security layers, customized analytics, throttling, caching, logging etc.
  • Develop API Specifications using Swagger/Open API
  • Drives architecture and development of real time infrastructure monitoring and API gateway monitoring platforms at Apigee
  • Convert web services from backend SOAP services to RESTful API’s or vise versa
  • Troubleshoots and tests all features, systems, and functionality of end systems
  • Listens to feedback and assists in designing future iterations of products and systems
  • Mentors and supports the growth of other engineers in the Apigee platform

Knowledge and Expectations Apigee Platform Engineer:

  • Knowledge in MessageProcessor, Router, QPID, Postgres SQL, Cassandra, Zookeeper installation/configuration
  • Extremely comfortable with consulting client's business, network and security teams
  • Working experience with API Developer Portal and exposing APIs through it
  • Skilled in communicating with remote teams across different time zones
  • Comfortable mentoring and leading junior engineers on best practices
  • Able to proactively identify technical dependencies and roadblocks
  • Solid understanding of end-to-end setup of CI/CD pipelines to support engineering teams 
  • Performance tuning of application servers and load balancing and clustering of applications
  • Testing & support for developed applications and able to successfully address support

Life at Achieve as a Apigee Platform Engineer:

  • Emphasis on work/life balance
  • Strong focus on teamwork
  • Opportunities for learning
  • Openness from management on ideas and initiatives
  • Focus on trust, integrity, and respect

Benefits that Achieve offers to the Apigee Platform Engineer:

  • Competitive pay
  • Health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and long-term disability
  • Vacation time accrued on a bi-monthly basis
  • Paid sick time
  • 401K plan
  • Employee investment


  • BS in Computer Science or related field
  • Google Apigee API Engineer Certification
  • Good command of Web Service standards, such as REST, GraphQL, or SOAP
  • Experience with Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure
  • CICD tool knowledge and strong DEvOPs/CloudOps knowledge
  • API testing and understanding of POC requirements
  • Has extensive API Management Platform experience
  • Demonstrated depth of technical skills and independent problem-solving  
  • Data interchange format standards ex:// Oracle, Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL
  • 2+ years of demonstrated deep experience with Apigee Edge
  • 2+ years of experience Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, or another core web language
  • 2+ years of experience with databases ex//: Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, MySQL
  • 2+ years of experience with developing and designing API’s