Anthem - BlueCross Blue Shield


Anthem, Inc. the largest for-profit managed health insurance company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association –  serves over 73 million people across the country through their extensive network. As a part of their digital transformation,  Anthem needed to strengthen their developer portal user experience.

The Challenge

Achieve helped Anthem achieve this goal by rebuilding the user interface to enhance overall user experience.  We then integrated Anthem’s product structure into the dev portal and organized everything based on the products they were using inside Apigee Edge. We customized detail pages by creating tab structures to separate out where functionality and information were located. Finally, we enhanced their application analytics page, allowing Anthem to extract far more information out of their system than they had previously.

Achieve Strategy Included

  • Enhancement of user experience through iconography  and imagery
  • Unique product enhancement
  • Custom tab structures to delineate functionality and content
  • Analytics for enhanced administrative controls


This project gave our developers another opportunity to demonstrate their range of abilities within the dev portal. We made enhancements and customizations specific to the needs of Anthem and its users. We also implemented new design elements making things easier for the user, making the documentation clearer, and ultimately driving adoption. With Achieve’s help, their API approach has been digitally transformed to fit an API-first ecosystem.