Dexcom Inc. (NASDAQ: DXCM) is a medical device company that develops, manufactures, and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management. Dexcom reached $300 Million in sales in 2011 when their Internal Marketing and IT teams reached out to Achieve to help increase their web presence.

The Challenge

Dexcom wanted to accomplish a unique online store for patient re-orders, but could not afford to scrap their valuable current client data locked within their existing internal Oracle system.  This proved to be a monumental task and rather than spending a few million dollars to re-design and install a new ERP, Dexcom decided to keep their Oracle system and asked Achieve to help them build their store using Drupal.   

As a medical device company, security is of paramount importance and a driving force for Dexcom was to maintain the utmost level of security to protect its customer’s valuable and highly sensitive personal data.  All data within the Oracle system had already been programmed for HIPAA compliance and Achieve had to devise a plan to get to the data securely.

The Solution

Achieve had to make sure that all the critical patient data remained HIPAA compliant, otherwise, Dexcom could risk being shut down.  Achieve used the Drupal Commerce platform to highlight Dexcom’s products while preserving legacy pricing, current client data, and payment systems, all locked within their Oracle system through web services integration.  In order to optimize functionality, Achieve had to develop a custom e-Commerce module that made the re-order process quick, easy, and secure.  Achieve was able to build a client interface system that interacted with Dexcom’s Oracle system to keep the legacy data and security best-practices intact.

By utilizing Drupal web services, Achieve was able to create a HIPAA compliant site while establishing a secure method of access to critical client data.  Through an array of custom-built modules, Achieve was able to keep all the client data but the one bit of requested information, locked in Dexcom’s Oracle system behind a firewall at all times.  Achieve only allowed Drupal to have access to one piece of information at any given time based on user authentication.  This was a key point for Dexcom, for the implications and repercussions to unauthorized client data access can be the death knell for a medical device company.  


By leveraging Drupal’s extensible framework, Acquia’s secure hosting capabilities, which are a vast array of contributed modules and in some cases automating the workflow, Achieve was able to help Dexcom reduce their overall cost of sales (COS) and increase sales exponentially.  All of this was accomplished by adapting to the current client data in Dexcom’s Oracle system, which helped minimize disruption to existing IT infrastructure.   All of this was then compiled into one responsive web design to give end-users ease when ordering from their most convenient device or desired location; laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. 

The Dexcom online store now exposes its products to the user in an interactive and engaging way, simplifying the process for the patient.  Dexcom was striving to create an easier process for their customers and with the help of Achieve, they were able to accomplish just that.

We delivered an exceptionally functional site for Dexcom by accessing all the critical client data within the Oracle system while remaining HIPPA compliant. We provided a great User Experience on the Dexcom site by giving patients access to their insurance records and their diabetes devices in one place. Now diabetes patients are able to get their necessary glucose monitoring devices in a timely fashion all while maintaining patient data security.