Novogradac & Company E-commerce & Website Refresh


Novogradac & Company is a national accounting and consulting firm who needed to update and refresh their web presence to reflect their growing e-commerce offering and full-service knowledge of the industry. The new site needed to support the firm’s ongoing marketing and communication efforts, and create an e-commerce platform with an optimized user experience.

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The Challenge

Novogradac had an extremely large amount of content that needed to be migrated over to their new Drupal 7 site. There were over 19,000 linked documents, 4,000 static pages, and roughly 750 articles that had to be extracted and migrated to the new site. It was critically important to make sure that the migration process didn’t compromise the integrity of the content. Everything needed to remain organized, consistently formatted, and user-friendly for site users as well as backend content managers.

Achieve was also tasked with developing an e-commerce solution for Novogradac’s extensive product, events, and services offerings. The site needed to provide a seamless e-commerce experience that integrated multiple 3rd party platforms such as Salesforce Exact Target, “goto webinar”, Avatax, and their pre-existing CRM system.

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The Solution

Using solid information architecture to organize the massive amount of migrated content, the new site is intuitive, user-friendly, aesthetically uniform, and optimized for SEO.

In order to maintain optimal UX when it came to event registration, Achieve made it possible for site visitors to register multiple people for an event at once. For example, an office administrator could now register multiple company employees for a webinar without the hassle of having to make multiple user accounts. It was also important that the 3rd party platform; gotowebinar, was integrated into the site's event registration form so information on the site would be automatically funneled over to gotowebinar. This would save registered individuals the hassle of having to create another account on gotowebinar.

For event registrations, not only did the new information architecture make event information and registration easy to find, the Achieve team developed a check-in feature that now allows event hosts to flag individuals who attended an event. This data is then funneled into Novogradac's backend marketing platform for future analysis.

Another innovative component of this project was creating a private group only accessible to those on Novogradac's team. This platform gave them a private interface where everyone can now collaborate on upcoming blog posts, podcasts, etc. before publishing them to the site. This feature is helping them remain one of the industry's top thought leaders by providing a convenient platform for the team to put their heads together and create the best possible content for their site visitors.

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An SEO optimized website that provides site visitors with an intuitive and thoughtful interface to easily browse, search, and discover relevant resources and information. The site integrated all of the 3rd party platforms they utilize so that they have a site that is customized to meet their business goals. The site gives Novogradac a platform to collaborate more effectively and continue to produce resourceful content while maintaining a professional, e-commerce website.

Drupal is an exceptional platform for both e-commerce and content based sites. In this project, we combined aspects of both to create a competitive marketplace for products and services that also offered a rich user experience.

  • Architecture Planning
  • Content Migrations
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Salesforce/CRM Integrations 
  • SEO Optimization
  • UX Optimization