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Mar. 26 2014
William O'Connor

We Keep Growing

Achieve taps seasoned Drupal sales professional to run National Sales and Business Development Operations.

As Drupal hits 1,000,000 websites we are doing our part to increase our already substantial contribution, but we don’t think 1M is enough.

We want to see it hit 2,000,000 and to expedite that we have brought on Jennifer Hols as our new VP of Sales. Drupal and Achieve are rapidly growing and Jennifer’s expertise, energy, and deep technical understanding of the Drupal content management system (CMS) will only help to increase that growth rate.

Her technical background and expertise compliments our team and core value of delivering top quality solutions on time.

Jennifer will join the Achieve team as the VP of Sales to lead the technical sales and business development operations. She will be leading our Los Angeles Drupal Development team and have a significant influence on our San Diego Drupal Development team.

​Previously Jenny achieved great success at a leading Drupal Development firm, but she is seeking to take her talents to a warmer climate and a larger market. Jennifer will lead a strong team of experienced and knowledgeable Drupal Development professionals in the pursuit of improving our client’s digital ecosystem to drive outcomes and results.

Jennifer will help current clients realize and accomplish even larger goals as she leverages her background in media, publishing, and communications with a track record of success within each vertical. Recently she has been focused on creating top tier solutions for large education systems and universities. Her abilities and skills will benefit the team, current clients, and all new projects by ensuring the goals and objectives are being exceeded at each level.

I speak for every member of the Achieve team as I say we are very excited to have her join our team and we look forward to a fruitful and successful future for Achieve Internet. If you would like to reach out to Jennifer to discuss any current technology needs you may have you can do so by sending her an email or giving our office a call at 858.453.5760.

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