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Apr. 10 2014
Dagoberto Aceves
Lead Engineer

Achieve is Attending Stanford Drupal Camp

Achieve is honored to be a part of the Stanford Drupal Camp this year. We have attended and sponsored numerous Drupal Camps over the years (since 2005) but this will be our first trip to Stanford. I look forward to learning all of the innovative ways Stanford is leveraging Drupal for their web-based applications. Our team will be on campus presenting, exhibiting, learning and sharing our Drupal development knowledge all weekend long.

I will be presenting a spooky version (yes it has a horror movie theme) of Bill O’Connor’s integration presentation from both SANDCamp and a past webinar with Acquia: Bridging the Gap with Drupal Integrations. This session will focus on the strategic and business reasons to undertake a complex integration project along with a planning road map for successful project completion. We strive to provide as much values to our clients as possible and we take more of a consultative approach when beginning large projects. Translation: we ask a ton of planning questions. We are much deeper than just a Drupal development team and this session will provide insight into how we approach Drupal integration projects. Hopefully it will provide others with the necessary knowledge to plan, implement and complete successful integration projects.  

My colleague and our Marketing Manager, Ben Schluter, will be presenting a session on ways to better leverage Drupal and third party applications to grow an organization. There are a number (that is a gross under estimation) of third party applications on the market such as;, Hubspot, Oracle, SharePoint etc. and they are all supposed to help you and your team be more effective, productive and efficient. Unfortunately, we find that when they are not seamlessly integrated with a Content Management Systems (CMS) then it lessens the value of the applications, the teams using them and the organization on a whole. Since we are Drupal Development experts and solution consultants Ben will focus on ways to Leverage Drupal Integrations to Effectively Grow an Organization.

You can access the session schedule at and we hope to see you at our sessions!

Additionally, we will have a booth at the camp, as we are sponsors. So if you want to learn more about what we are doing at Achieve, ways we can help you, or want to learn how to join our awesome team stop by and say ‘hi.’

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