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Architecting an All-Star Team at Achieve

Jul. 23 2014
Ron Huber

Alliteration aside, we are excited to add Jeff Traynor to our team as a Drupal Solutions Architect

The Team is Getting Bigger

Our footprint is quickly spreading out from our headquarters in San Diego and into Los Angeles and beyond. As we continue to grow and increase our service offerings, we are adding new team members who can help sustain our growth. We are excited to announce that we have recently added Jeff Traynor to the team as our Solutions Architect. While Jeff’s role will be multi-faceted, he is expected to have the biggest impact on our requirements gathering & project discovery process. Discovery is the first phase of any project that we take on. This process involves meeting with key stakeholders of our client’s team to collect, analyze and synthesize information about the projects goals, relevant audience needs, and the desired functionality of the new project.

You Have Questions? We Have Answers

Following the Project Discovery process, the Information Architecture (IA) phase is where the project’s blueprint begins to take shape. Based on the project discovery, we make recommendations for the new site including the navigation patterns, page layouts, and content structure. This recommendation strategy considers established user interface patterns, qualitative research, user testing analysis, and the overall business goals. At the conclusion of this phase, we then create a visual representation of the project in the form of wireframes, sitemaps and integration diagrams.

Crossing the Finish Line

The final phase of Discovery is our Architecture and Planning (A&P) where we work with our clients to define the features and configurations that best meet the requirements desired by the client. Additionally, we determine all integration points with the Drupal solution and define requirements for the necessary APIs that may need to be written for any 3rd party applications or legacy IT systems. At the conclusion of the A&P phase, a development roadmap document is created for both Achieve and our clients, which defines the final project requirements and deliverables.

Foundation for the Future

We use Drupal as the backbone for all of our digital solutions due in part to how powerful of a tool it is. To be able to harness the power of Drupal in its entirety, it is critical that we first lay a structurally sound foundation. This is why the project discovery phase is such a critical point in our development process – without writing a single line of code. It serves as the foundation that we build upon.

The Utility Man

Adding Jeff to our team allows us to offer an even more extensive IA service to our clients than in the past. As our new Solutions Architect and Technical Project Manager, Jeff will focus on understanding our clients' users, strategy, and requirements to ensure they are serving the overall business goals. Jeff is passionate about internet technologies and building tools to help people use the web effectively. With an academic background in Communication Studies and Cultural Studies, Jeff has applied his critical understanding of web technologies wearing many hats: web developer, UX designer, business analyst, information architect, project manager, and communications consultant. Jeff’s passion in web technologies has provided him with a varied skillset enabling him to excel in many different areas and will be a welcome addition to our already highly skilled team. We believe that Jeff’s unique experience will prove to be extremely beneficial as he tackles our client’s discovery projects.

Our Very Own Michael Jordan!

Outside of work, there are rumors that Jeff has a pretty good jump shot, which should help Achieve defend our 2014 Vavi league basketball title. We’re confident that Jeff can help take Achieve to the next level both in the office and on the basketball court. As we expand, we are always looking for highly qualified people to join our team. Our newest addition is just a small piece of the exciting things going on at Achieve. Whether it’s our awesome sales team, our incredibly creative marketing team or our workhorse developers, we couldn’t be happier with all members of the Achieve team.

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