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Stepping Away from Drupal for a Night

Jan. 23 2014
Dagoberto Aceves
Lead Engineer

Rabble Rousing at a San Diego Mainstay - Pizza Port

With Achieve week in full effect our Drupal Development team took a break from all the hard work, wiped the sweat from their brow and went out to a local San Diego favorite, Pizza Port in Ocean Beach San Diego. Pizza Port is one of San Diego’s most popular pizza joints and craft brewery.  Our team loves a good slice of pizza and always enjoys a cold tasty local brew.

We have been collaborating on some great new projects in the San Diego office. But, when we get the opportunity to take a break we still like to stick together, because we have a great respect for one another and share a camaraderie that is rare in a work place. These guys aren’t just my coworkers they are my friends, all of them, even the guy in the Marketing Department making me write this blog!

That sense of team and a cohesive unit only grows stronger with events like last night. Bonding over a freshly baked pizza pie and a cold brew in one of San Diego’s original brew pub always leads to engaging conversations about growing the business and galvanizes our team to work even harder.  

I can’t wait for what the rest of the week has in store for our team and for what Achieve has in store for 2014! 

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