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5 Reasons Your Next Site Should Be On Drupal 8

Jun. 6 2017
Ian Cassidy
Marketing Manager

Drupal 8 web development

Drupal 8 is here, and it’s come with some big changes. Very different from Drupal 7 and Drupal 6, it’s been completely re-engineered to be a true enterprises content management system. 

We've broken down the top 5 reasons why your next site should be built on Drupal 8.

1. There’s more in core

Drupal 8 ships with over 200 new features and improvements, including some of Drupal 7’s most popular contributed modules. Contributed modules are still an important Drupal cornerstone, and there will be even more exciting modules released as Drupal 8 gains popularity. Drupal 8’s new core modules include ckeditor, date, and the most widely-used views module that offers flexibility and improves general Drupal layouts. For experienced Drupal developers, these tools certainly come as a welcome addition.

2. Editing made easier

One major concern for previous Drupal users was that content editing was complex in earlier versions. Thankfully, the latest version of Drupal has addressed this concern. Now content managers’ lives are much easier with user-friendly content editing features. Drupal 8 comes with a friendlier administrator UI that simplifies editing and content management. Drupal 8 ships with CKEditor, an improved WYSIWYG editor for content management that makes editing easier and more straight-forward. What you see is what you expect with this update.

Additionally, Drupal 8 features in-place editing with the quick edit module, allowing editors to make changes right from the page. In other words, editors don’t have to go exclusively through the back-end to edit content.
Out-of-the-box, user-friendly editing makes it easier to flesh out and manage sites throughout and after the development process.

3. Built responsive

Drupal 8 was built mobile first and ships with responsive themes out-of-the-box. This is a big win for everyone. Developers can focus on other important tasks. Editors can use admin features to edit content and run updates from their phones. Text and images are handled better on different screen sizes.

Drupal 8 not only looks better but also performs better on mobile platforms, and better performance means better user experience.

Responsive Web Design - Drupal 8

4. Object-Oriented

Unlike its predecessors, Drupal 8 relies on object-oriented programming. While this is a big change for developers, it comes with great benefits.

The move to object-oriented code from procedural code is a shift towards a foundation in enterprise architecture. It also makes more sense for developers that are new to Drupal. Object-oriented code comes with several advantages, including reusable code and easier debugging. When done right, object-oriented code is cleaner, more flexible and scalable. This makes object-oriented programming especially useful for growing projects.

5. Multilingual support

Drupal 8 now includes multilingual support for 94 languages. For previous versions of Drupal, setting up and maintaining multilingual sites was a chore for developers and administrators alike. Now translations are handled through just 4 core modules. This update translates to a better experience for users around the world.



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