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7 Ways Behat Testing with Travis-CI Integration Can Help Save You Money

Oct. 4 2016
Katelin McCabe
Account Manager

Behat is a PHP testing framework that can be integrated with Travis-CI to create an automated testing process that ensures your project stays on track every step of the way. 

Future proof your code 

Reduce regression problems

Minimize Q/A

Save time (and money) 

1) Travis-CI integration automates Behat testing

Behat testing is a form of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) which means that once a test is written and knows "how" something should happen, the test can be run every time a change is made to the code. Travis-CI automates the Behat testing process, creating a much more efficient workflow. 

2) Tests are run as code is written reducing regression problems 

Testing along the way means you don't get to the end of a project and realize your code is broken. This process minimizes regression problems and site errors.

3) Simple English phrasing eliminates language barriers 

Behat tests are written in understandable English. This gives developers, the Q/A team, and project managers a common language to describe behaviors, expectations, input, and personas. User stories can easily be translated into testing scenarios so project managers can create tasks with testing in mind, creating more efficient workflows.

4) Travis-CI notifies developers if a change has broken the site

These immediate notifications save developers time in the long run because they can fix their code as they go. They can be confident that every change has the intended functionality and doesn't negatively affect the site being worked on. 

5) Continuous testing minimizes Q/A

Have you ever worked on a project and had to cut testing for budgetary reasons? Behat with Travis-CI integration helps ensures project quality as you go which minimizes regression problems and subsequently reduces the time it takes to complete the final Q/A process. 

6) The Drupal community supports it

Drupal is moving towards using Behat as the primary testing method. This means support, advice, and improvements for this testing framework will be at your fingertips. Why not get in front of the 8 ball now?

7) Helps finish projects faster

Using this testing framework helps you build a quality system the first time. Behat testing is easy to implement, understand, write, and can cover entire sets of functions so you can test as you go, save time in the Q/A process and spend less time sorting out frustrating regression problems. 


If you have ever worked on a project that has dropped testing because it was deemed cost cost-prohibitive, Behat could be a perfect solution. At Achieve, our experienced are engineers can help you deliver a rock solid application with a robust testing layer without pushing your budget overboard.

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