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Achieve Offering New Services!

Jun. 26 2018
Ian Cassidy
Marketing Manager

Achieve Internet is pleased to announce that we have begun offering Developer Portal Training. The training is a one-day, on-site session that explores the role a developer portal plays in your digital transformation.


This is an opportunity to improve your team's understanding of the relationship between Edge and the developer portal. Attending Developer Portal Training will build confidence in navigating the Drupal admin interface, utilizing taxonomies and tagging content, and managing user roles and permissions. Additionally, we will demonstrate the extensibility of the developer portal and explore how to best configure your developer portal to best serve your business initiatives.


The training agenda is separated into five sessions and includes, knowledge transfers, live demonstrations and interactive labs. Attendees will learn how to utilize the developer portal as an accelerator to grow your digital transformation strategy. You and your team will be able to handle connecting a businesses Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) to use your company’s services without relying too heavily on a developer.




Additionally, following the presentation you and your team will receive digital copies of all training slide decks for reference with the option of receiving a video library of the seminar demos in the future. Finally, in a post-training consultation you and one of our instructors will be able to discuss any new developments or questions that arise in the weeks following the training.


If you would like to find out more about how this training would benefit your digital landscape, contact a member of the Achieve team:

800 618 8777


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