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Adapting to Change in a Cloud-Driven World

Nov. 28 2018
Ian Cassidy
Marketing Manager

Cloud-Driven Business

Most companies no longer operate by digging through files and storing large amounts of important data in physical cabinets. Cloud computing technology has revolutionized the way businesses can integrate and utilize their data. Cloud costs are now more manageable than ever, with multiple plans depending on the need. Rather than estimating maintenance and updating costs from previous systems, businesses can easily predict and anticipate lower cost solutions. Businesses are jumping at the chance to increase efficiency and security through the cloud.

Most companies today utilize a multi-cloud strategy which can allow them to organize data analysis, storage, assets, redundancies, software, and everything in-between across several clouds. Hosting an application or developer portal in the cloud is also deemed extremely beneficial in today’s tech world. Hosting from the cloud not only saves money and improves the speed of operation, but it can provide on-demand scalability or elasticity, which allows organizations to save on costs by paying for usage rather than maximum capacity. Embracing the cloud is a good step towards reaping the benefits of digital transformation.


Security and Stability

There are some concerns surrounding the cloud, particularly from small businesses. Anytime you store large amounts of data online there will always be the risk for a cyber-attack. People fear their information or data will be at greater security risk in the cloud. Security is a high priority in cloud services, as technology becomes more complex, so do security breaches. Nobody is treading lightly with their information so security has been updated greatly since the cloud was first introduced.

There are also some concerns regarding the stability of the cloud and the impact it could cause on a company if it were to shut down. Interruption of service, even if for just a short period, can impede workflow significantly based on how much the company depends on the cloud. Fortunately, these types of incidents are rare and are usually cleared up within a few hours or less.

Although these are real-world possibilities, the cloud is much safer and stable than radical articles on the Internet lead us to believe. The corporations that offer cloud computing software live and die by their reputation in this industry. The corporate world should embrace and support innovation if it is to expand in an increasingly digital landscape.


Industry Focused - Healthcare

Just like other technologies, the cloud has been implemented in the healthcare industry. This industry is known for unprecedented challenges and changes, many having to do with resources, financials, patient data, and efficiency. Cloud services can change and enhance the ever-developing industry and the challenges that come with that. Cloud computing has the power to dramatically change the way doctors, nurses, and clinics are able to deliver quality care to patients at significantly lower costs.

Take, for example, the constant desire to improve upon the patient experience. Many hospitals and healthcare providers are attempting to keep up with patients’ expectations. This is where cloud services can truly enact change. Through a decentralized approach, you are able to provide an integrated infrastructure which can connect surgeries and hospitals in efforts to improve each patient’s experience. The cloud allows you to act quickly on business initiatives in marketing internal operations, external initiatives, or patient care with readily available data. Making sure data is analyzed into the right information across hundreds of devices safely can all be done through cloud storage or hosting.

Another key benefit of using the cloud is the flexibility it offers. Providers are able to scale resources up or down whenever needed. Companies’ needs change constantly. They need more efficient and accurate interactions and data. Cloud solutions are the way that becomes possible in the healthcare industry.


Cloud Cover

Whether companies are just looking for a small improvement to their infrastructure or if they are looking to transform their business, they will find great utility with cloud services. The cloud has become a first-pick for many, especially for smaller businesses. Embracing the cloud will provide benefits to internal operations and external initiatives. It will lay the foundation to your digital strategy and evolve all facets of your business.


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