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Create React App 2.0 Update

Oct. 30 2018
Ian Cassidy
Marketing Manager

React Update!



React (alternatively known as React.js and ReactJS) is a JavaScript library developed by Jordan Walke of Facebook. It originally launched on May 29, 2013. The React library is used specifically for building UI (User Interface) components for applications and websites. It borrows from XHP, which is part of HTML.


The Create React App 2.0 update is the latest version of the application builder. The update released on October 1, 2018 with several significant improvements over the previous version.



Previous Versions


In previous versions of Create React App, extra work had to be done if you wanted to add tools and workflows that are commonly used in web development and not included out of the box. On top of that, if one of your tools gets updated to a new version, it can be time-consuming to apply those updates to your app. More time spent tinkering with your project configuration means less time to write your application code.



Achieve and React


During a previous project, in which Achieve Internet used Create React App, we had to set aside time to add tools to streamline development, like SasS/CSS Modules. We also spent time updating Babel to take advantage of the latest Javascript language features and Webpack to improve the bundling speed and efficiency of our app.


Modifying project configuration without affecting the rest of the app can be tricky business. We are able to leverage the extensive experience our developers have with these new tools to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technology being used across the web while configuring new React projects in ways that work best for us.


With the new version of Create React App, all of this work has already been done for you thanks to hard-working contributors in the React community. Going forward, we'll be able to use this version to kick-start new React projects with all the tools and features we are familiar with, giving us more time to focus on our application code.


And of course, in the spirit of providing the best possible starting point for any React project, Create React App allows you to turn off any features you don't plan to use so that your app can be written, bundled, deployed, and run exactly how you want.



SasS, CSS Modules, and Other Key Features


With the Create React App 2.0 update comes the ability to use SasS and CSS Modules for the first time. SasS support allows for native CSS, although you’ll have to go through a process to add support in Create React App. CSS modules allow for streamlined design options for your interface.


Two other significant updates in version 2.0 are Babel 7 and Webpack 4. Babel 7 recently arrived in August of 2018 with significant updates since Babel 6. It’s been about three years since the previous version, so there’s a lot to cover.


At its core, Babel 7 is a faster, streamlined culmination of all the previous versions. It drops support for several versions some programs, such as such as older versions of Node, but that’s only due the typical update process.


Finally, Webpack 4 has been updated to more efficiently bundle assets, styles, and others.



Why You Should Upgrade


Create React App 2.0 is now the standard version for the program, updated to it when you boot it up for the first time. It brings a variety of new features but also discontinues support for some features, such as Node 6. It’d be good to jump into the new update as soon as possible to prevent yourself from being left behind.


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