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Dexcom: International eCommerce Stores

Jun. 4 2018
Ian Cassidy
Marketing Manager

About Dexcom

In 2011, Dexcom worked with Achieve to create an eCommerce store that allowed their U.S. customers to purchase Dexcom medical devices. Dexcom manufactures and sells continuous Glucose Monitoring devices giving diabetes patients the right tools and data to adequately manage their glucose levels. They returned to Achieve to build out the next phase of the project - creating international stores that complied with international eCommerce regulations.


Dexcom wanted to expand their online presence by creating International eCommerce stores for the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. The first challenge was going to be making sure that each site met the eCommerce regulations for each country. We needed an innovative way to re-purpose as much of the valuable functionality and theming that had already been built into the U.S. site on the additional sites.

They also needed a series of workflows created to authenticate user information and product availability per country. While meeting all these new requirements, they had to continue to adhere to the strict guidelines of numerous regulatory agencies including HIPAA, FDA, and CAPA.


To streamline the process of building international eCommerce sites, Achieve abstracted out the work-flows and authentication hooks that were specific to the existing U.S. store. The remaining modules created a foundation for each new store. Specific modules were built according to each country’s requirements and hooked onto the baseline modules and theming.

This process was thoroughly documented with usage instructions, configuration settings, and work-flows related to the new international stores to minimize the time and cost of creating future international stores. 

Automated work-flows were also put in place to determine login and patient eligibility. A series of API integrations were utilized to validate unique user email, user shipping addresses, product availability per country, and patient eligibility against the data stored in Dexcom’s secure Oracle database.

Finally, Achieve revised the work-flow for retrieving Oracle account numbers. The Oracle account numbers, originally stored in a Drupal database, were removed and web service calls were put in place to retrieve them directly from Oracle. This tweak in functionality enhanced UX by eliminating errors due to ‘missing’ account numbers in Drupal.


By leveraging Drupal’s modular framework we created a system that will allow Dexcom to continue to build future international sites under a single CMS. We’ve set Dexcom up with a scalable system meant to minimize future growing pains and save valuable resources. All of this was accomplished by adapting to the current client data in Dexcom’s Oracle system through a series of API integrations and web services. Now Dexcom’s up and running with international sites that give patients access to the diabetes devices they need, while complying to international eCommerce regulations.

The results were significant. A robust platform that is easily scalable, that is secure and compliant under all necessary reguations. All easily managed under one single CMS. Dexcom now has a platform that can be accessed internationally by patients in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Canada. All now have direct access to Dexcom's products through their eCommerce platform.


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