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Digital Health Innovation San Diego

Feb. 24 2016
Stephanie Peugh
Marketing Manager

What happens when you bring together technology and health thought leaders and provide an open discussion? We think this is the future of digital health.

That's why we proudly sponsor Digital Health Innovations San Diego - a meet-up group where physicians, researchers, patient advocates, entrepreneurs, and others working at the intersection of health and technology gather for inspiration and conversation.

Digital Health Innovation Presents: Prescribing Technology
Wednesday, 2/24 @ 6pm | San Diego

Discussion concept: How do doctors evaluate and adopt smart medical devices and mobile technology to better serve their patients?
This is the seed concept for our panel discussion. Join us as we explore the prescription of digital health technology from the physician’s perspective.

This event will be moderated by Dr. Steven Steinhubl, Director of Digital Medicine @ Scripps Translational Science Institute

The Esteemed Panel Includes the Following Medical Professionals:

• Dr. Ajay Srivastava, Cardiologist and heart failure specialist @Scripps Health

• Dr. John LeMoine, Chief Medical and Information Officer @Sharp 

• Dr. Robert Murad, Clinical practice and research in digital medicine @Qualcomm Health Center + Evaluation of new clinical technology @Stanford Health Care

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