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Digital Health Innovations: The Data Landscape is Changing, How Healthcare is Adapting

Jul. 3 2017
Susie Hirsh
Marketing Assistant

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Our event on the changing landscape of data was a great success! We were lucky enough to be joined by a panel of great speakers, experts, and thought leaders within their fields. Ford Winslow, CEO of ICE Cybersecurity moderated a panel featuring Chris Doig, CEO of Wayferry, Ajit Viswanathan, CEO of Doctible, and Kary Kalapanda, CEO of Waikato, Inc. 

Get to know our moderator and panelists:

Mr. Ford Winslow- CEO, ICE Cybersecurity, @ICEdevesecops
Ford Winslow head shot ICE CybersecurityMr. Winslow has held technology leadership positions in the cybersecurity, cloud, life and biosciences, and non-profit communities. He has delivered consistent value through his technology expertise. 

In addition to his professional duties, Mr. Winslow serves as an advisor to a number of startups focused on cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), emerging technologies, and of course the digital healthcare industry.


Mr. Chris Doig- CEO, Wayferry, @wayferry

Chris Doig head shot Wayferry

Mr. Doig has had a strong focus and involvement in the healthcare industry throughout his career. Additionally, he is an expert in his industry, having published over 60 articles on covering the topic of enterprise software. He is currently writing a book, Rethinking Enterprise Software Selection: Stop Buying Square Pegs for Round Holes. 

The primary goal of his company, Wayferry, is to focus on minimizing the pain of major software purchases by helping clients select software that meets their needs "like a glove fits your hand."

 Mr. Ajit Viswanathan- CEO, Doctible, @doctible 

Ajit Viswanathan head shot Doctible

Mr. Viswanathan is the founder and CEO of Doctible, a healthcare automation platform for private medical practices. He is passionate about developing product solutions that leverage data and technology. In doing so, he aims to optimize the patient engagement workflow while providing medical professionals with a solution that provides greater insight into their practice. 

Prior to Doctible, Mr. Viswanathan was Product Lead at Mitchell International, in charge of the Innovation and Design team after leading through the expansion of their flagship product, Decision Point, to the insurance vertical. While at Mitchell, he built numerous products to evaluate pricing models for healthcare procedures and has a patent-pending for a third party claim network optimization product. 

Mr. Kary Kalapanda- CEO, Waikato, Inc.

Kary Kalapanda head shot Waikato, Inc.

Mr. Kalapanda is the CEO of Waikato, Inc., where he serves clients in healthcare, manufacturing, and hi-tech verticals around data management and analytics. Mr. Kalapanda has over 23 years of experience working in data management, analytics, and data architecture projects. Mr. Kalapanda helps clients with everything from strategy, architecture, and implementation of technology solutions. He is heavily involved in the healthcare industry and health policy and has always had a keen interest in the digital health community.



More about the event:

The event attracted a range of attendees, from C-level executives to pharmacists and data scientists. The discussion was led by our moderator, Ford Winslow, and there was great participation amongst all in attendance.

The underlying sentiment around the topic of data's effect on the healthcare industry is one of excitement. There was a unanimous recognition amongst all in attendance that there is an incredible amount of potential for data usage in the healthcare industry. All of the panelists reflected on the fact that simply having the data is great, but it is when the data can be used to improve the quality of patient care when it becomes especially valuable. 

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However, our experts expressed how difficult it is to unlock the potential of the data growth because of the security and compliance standards the healthcare industry must maintain. Nevertheless, there is progress being made. Even if patient data is under lock and key, data and information about providers, cost, and an individual's own patient records are slowly becoming more accessible. That means that patients can make more informed decisions about the providers they choose and become better advocates for their own care.

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The event wrapped up with an insightful and thought-provoking Q&A session. And as always, there was time for networking and making new connections and friends with those leading in the field of digital health! 

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