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Partner - Drupal Commerce - 10,000 Websites World Wide

Ron Huber

One of our favorite partners, the Commerce Guys, hit 10,000 downloads with Drupal Commerce this week.  This is a tremendous accomplishment for the Commerce Guys and an even bigger one for Drupal.  Drupal Commerce is in Achieve Internet's opinion a true revolutionary approach to Ecommerce and adds to an already overwhelming list of reasons to choose Drupal.  As an enterprise grade platform Drupal Commerce has a proven track record with the busiest retail websites on the Internet today.  The flexibility and scalability in Drupal Commerce is exactly why Drupal is the logical choice for today's enterprise organization. We look for more exciting news in 2012 from Mike O'Connor and his amazing team at Commerce Guys. For the full release on the 10,000 Drupal Commerce downloads Click Here 

More about Infrastructure Services

Achieve Internet is excited to announce the recent launch of a new Digital Health Library created for our long-standing client Scripps Translational Science Institute.  
The importance of monitoring your server access logs We recently had a client come to us with random performance problems on their site.  The site is a low traffic brochure site on a shared hosting account.  Most of the time the site performs reasonably well.  However, there are mysterious times where the site slows down to a crawl. This reached a critical point Friday afternoon and their hosting provider shut down the site for using too many server resources.