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San Diego County Water Authority Taps Achieve Internet for

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In a recent press release, Achieve Internet and the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) announced the start of a new website project focused on water conservation. will promote water use efficiency and serve as a key resource for San Diego County residents.  Achieve Internet is proud to contribute to the outstanding work the SDCWA has done for our community over the years.  Water conservation is a way of life in Southern California and everyone’s responsibility; the Achieve team is excited to do our part.  See release below.

San Diego County Water Authority to Develop Drupal Site with Achieve Internet

San Diego, June 26, 2012 —Achieve Internet, Inc., the premier Southern California provider of enterprise Drupal solutions, has been awarded a contract by the San Diego County Water Authority (Water Authority) to develop a new website focused on water conservation. WaterSmart will promote water use efficiency and serve as a key resource for San Diego County residents.

“We are excited to be working on this breakthrough initiative with the Water Authority,” said Ron Huber, president, Achieve Internet. “Drupal has increasingly become a go-to solution for government websites at every level because of its flexibility, lack of high-dollar proprietary licensing fees and ability to integrate with diverse IT environments. Once complete, this site will be a truly dynamic source of information and tools.”

The WaterSmart website will serve as an intuitive indoor and outdoor water-conservation resource for the public. The site’s planned content includes tips for conserving water indoors and outdoors, commercial and residential conservation programs, a water-use calculator tool, case studies, “how-to” guides, and much more.

The new site also represents the Water Authority’s ongoing commitment to open-source, and the robust capabilities of Drupal as a web infrastructure and social publishing platform.

“The site will serve as a “go-to” conservation resource for regional conservation-related information.The site will provide action-oriented information to empower visitors to develop and implement their own customized strategy for achieving water savings. We hope it will also inspire visitors to make sustainable long-term changes in water use by showcasing real-world examples of attractive water-saving landscapes, and effective projects,” said Tenille Otero, the Water Authority’s website project manager. “Drupal is a proven platform that offers the capabilities we need to bring our message to our community. It’s low-cost of ownership also is a long-term fiscally responsible choice. We look forward to our collaboration with the Achieve Internet team.”

Achieve Internet is teaming up with the creative team at Fuelhaus and with Volacci, the leaders in Drupal SEO, to address key design, informational and marketing components of the site. The three organizations, all small businesses, have deep experience in delivering enterprise-class solutions for both public and private projects.

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Achieve Internet is the leader in Enterprise Drupal development. Achieve’s expertise in distributed, high-traffic sites allows the company to provide Web solutions for the most demanding environments. By combining deep expertise in third party software integration, responsive design, globalization and performance, Achieve has brought web engagement management to clients including NBC Universal, Hunter Industries, Dexcom, and,

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