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Drupal Fuels Sports Media Start-up

Sep. 14 2015
Stephanie Peugh
Marketing Manager

We’ve worked on some pretty challenging projects in recent months at Achieve Internet. One such project was building an event driven live streaming sports platform for the Silicon Valley start-up, EverSport. If you’re looking for a sporting event and it’s not on TV, chances are it’ll be on EverSport. Everything from Canadian Professional Hockey to AS Roma European Soccer is made available to fans through live streaming and recorded broadcasts.

EverSport’s mission is to create a live online entertainment experience for fans across the world. Our team here at Achieve has been thrilled to assist the Eversport team in making their vision a reality. We’ve put together a list of things that made working with our friends at Eversport such a blast - all resulting in a kick-ass Drupal Platform. Drupal CMS Website Powered by Integrations

We were able to take a grand vision and build an interactive, media driven platform leveraging the Drupal framework.

When EverSport first came to us, they shared details about the digital experience they envisioned. They wanted a platform where teams and content owners from any division of college or pro sports could easily reach their fans by uploading authorized videos of their events. The most important feature was they wanted to give those content owners complete control over their product, promotions, scheduling and revenue. 

EverSport had sweeping requirements and needed solutions like:

  • Solid information architecture to organize their content 
  • A real-time showcase of upcoming and recent sporting events
  • Seamless integrations with media platforms for reliable broadcasts
  • A streamlined system for sports fans to pay for access to special events

The point is, everything that EverSport envisioned for their site -- especially features like live video streaming—was cutting edge. It was exciting for our team to tackle these ideas and translate them into a streamlined solution.

We’re proud of the vast amount of capabilities we were able to hand over to the EverSport team.

We delivered a full line-up of Drupal based solutions that allows the EverSport team to give fans a great online sporting experience and content owners a platform to deliver their authorized content.

Drupal media driven website

Our team engineered web solutions that gave...

...Sports teams and content managers the ability to control their content easily. The custom-built “Content Rights Management” platform gives content owners access to a variety of feature-rich tools that gives them complete control over their digital content in real-time.

… EverSport website users the capability to easily navigate to the sporting content they want from wherever they are on the site. This is a result of dropdown menus and a back-end system that has a superior category breakdown.

... Fans can see stats, purchase access to events, view trending/popular content, and filter through the revolving content from upcoming, live streaming, or event replays on both desktop and mobile devices.

...EverSport viewers the ability to socialize with events; beneath each event, viewers can tune in and jump into the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

...a platform that was able to act as a central hub for integrating 15+ third party systems.

Finally, we’re proud that partnering with EverSport on this project provided their team with efficiency.

Instead of having to take extra time to build and train an in-house team of Drupal engineers, EverSport was able to make the most out of using our knowledge and expertise to get the awesome website they envisioned. With the best of digital media technology powering the EverSport platform, their vision came to life; sports content creators are now united with their fans online.

Responsive Drupal Website -

Want to learn more about this project or check out our work?

Feel free to visit our case study gallery and be sure to visit EverSport’s website

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