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Drupal’s Ubercart Integration with Salesforce

Dagoberto Aceves
Lead Engineer

Customizing Drupal for the Client

As a full-service wedding photography business, Bella Pictures hired Achieve to help launch in an effort to better support their online clientele. More specifically, Achieve plans to sync Bella’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, Salesforce, with Drupal’s eCommerce module, Ubercart. In order to do this, Achieve will make numerous modifications to both the Salesforce and Ubercart systems. The result will be a multi-faceted, user-friendly, highly customizable experience for online consumers. The seamless integration will also allow Bella to minimize various studio, licensing, and overhead fees, and eliminate numerous marketing costs all together.

Implementing Ubercart for eCommerce

In addition to this project, in early 2010 Bella decided to overhaul their main site, Since Bella had been using Salesforce from the very beginning, they wanted to sync it with various customer-facing eCommerce tasks to auto-generate orders and updates, just as Achieve had planned to do with This process would serve to completely automate the system so Bella’s personnel would not have to manually resolve discrepancies in the two systems. Prior to this integration, Bella was troubled by the labor-intensive process of reconciling payment, order, coupon, and other customization options. This manual system of organization was left susceptible to human error and produced timely, often costly, inefficient practices.

Integrating Salesforce and Ubercart

Achieve suggested that Bella Pictures rectify complex product mapping for eCommerce transactions to be captured in the Salesforce system. Relying on XML, Achieve suggested that they use SOAP to export Drupal data into Salesforce, while the API provided by Salesforce would supply its own metadata.

In the future, online users will be able to fully customize their products from the number of photographers they’d like to use (refer to Figure 1) to print package options (refer to Figure 2). Of course all this data will be integrated with Salesforce to ensure an operationally sound eCommerce solution.


Figure 1: Photographer Options

Figure 2: Print Options



One of Achieve’s great strengths rests in its ability to customize Drupal modules. Because of this, Achieve will be able to house mapping, dependencies, and other information within Drupal, rather than introduce a new system that could easily disrupt existing practices. In other works, administrators and staff at Bella had already been trained on existing systems, but due to the manner in which Achieve will sync Ubercart, only minimal instruction will be needed prior to deployment. 

By hiring only the best and brightest talent in the industry, Achieve’s team of Drupal experts continue to provide value and innovation to the Bella project, while delivering sprints on time and within budget. Bella will soon be positioned to learn as much as possible about their customers during the product-building phases. They’ll also be able to use this information and make tweaks to their business as both Bella and its online consumers will greatly benefit from this CRM/Drupal/Ubercart integration.



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