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Top Five Public Sites that Use Solr

William O'Connor

Drupal and Solr

Achieve Internet specializes in Drupal and Solr integration and customization to ensure that website content searching is fast and thorough. Solr is a popular search platform, due to its speed and features.
Here are five noteworthy public sites that use Solr to handle search:

  1. – The Obama administration's keystone web site is Drupal and Solr!
  2. Netflix – Solr powers basic movie searching on this extremely busy site.
  3. Internet Archive – Search this vast repository of music, documents and video using Solr.
  4. – This ticket reseller uses Solr to help visitors search for concerts and sporting events.
  5. The Smithsonian Institution – Search the Smithsonian’s collection of over 4 million items.

See a longer list here and contact us today to power your Drupal website searching with Solr.

Achieve Internet,, specializes in enterprise-class Drupal development with unique capabilities in project architecture and planning for Drupal projects requiring scalability, stability and integration.


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